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I bought a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am from this dealer in May of 2012. Because I am such a "good customer" they told me, I got a 90 day warranty.

When I got it home I discovered that the rear window wouldn't go all the way up. There was a two inch gap. (My bad. I should have noticed.)

Well, it needed a new regulator because the spool was jammed up with the cable. I bought a part on line for $58 and did it myself. I sent an e-mail to the salesman informing him about it and asking a couple of other questions. He never contacted me.

So, six weeks later the car wouldn't start. It would crank over but not start. I called the dealer and they told me to contact their towing company. They kept the car for two days and told me it wasn't acting up...except that it needed a new battery and I would be paying for the tow. (Total: $258)

On the second day they said they pounded on the fuel pump until it stopped working. That part WAS covered.

Right after I picked it up it was doing the same thing once in a while, cranks but won't start. You could hear that the fuel pump wasn't pressurizing the system.

Finally it left me stranded again. All day. So I came back in the cool of the evening and it started. I drove it right to the dealer and parked it.

I found out after three days that it was the ignition switch. Another $564 that isn't covered.

So, in less than 90 days I've shelled out $880 and Feeny says that's just too bad.

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